Friday, February 24, 2012

Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower Quick Tip

I've been a little obsessed with cauliflower lately.  It seems I'm trying to add cauliflower to my dinner meals whenever I can!  I've also been watching the cooking channel and the food network channel a lot which has given me different ways of cooking cauliflower.

I saw a healthier eating show add in a whole head of cauliflower to  mashed potatoes.  The show said the cauliflower makes potatoes creamier and less calories because you aren't using as much potatoes and you don't have to add in as much milk.  I have to say the potatoes turned out quite delicious.  The cauliflower taste was slight, I was surprised I didn't taste the cauliflower more.... which I wouldn't have minded because I love the taste of cauliflower!  Also I probably put in half the amount of milk I normally do which is pretty awesome.  Less milk, less calories which I love!  And they were very creamy.   My kids didn't even notice the cauliflower in them.  They all said they were the best mashed potatoes they had ever had.... and they were very good in my opinion.  Especially for a low cal option.

So the next time you make mashed potatoes:
1. cook a whole head of cauliflower until soft
2. Either blend the cauliflower until smooth or mash them as well as you can.
3. Then add them to your cooked potatoes and mash like normal.

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